Media Prayer Day is back for 2018

We are very happy to share that Media Prayer Day is happening again on Sunday 9th September 2018 in churches all over NZ. Mark your calendar/diary and make sure to get your church involved with us. We will be sharing more details about this soon.

Dayna Vawdrey joins George and Andrew on Rhema

Dayna joined George and Andrew on Rhema to discuss Media Prayer Day.

Jeremy Corbett Interview

Asher Bastion chats to Jeremy Corbett about working on 7 Days, his media career and thoughts on what comedians need prayer for.

Joy Reid Interview

Dayna Vawdrey talks to Joy Reid about the challenges journalists face, her experiences reporting the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake and her thoughts on praying for the media.

Rachel Smalley interview

Dayna Vawdrey recently sat down to chat with journalist & radio host Rachel Smalley to find about how she has managed to use her role to be a voice for the voiceless.

If you’re keen to keen to hear more, check out more interviews here.

Media Prayer Day Interviews

The Media Prayer Day team have been out and about recording a number of interviews with people who work in the media. These interviews look at why they are passionate about working in media, the challenges they face and also specific prayer needs. You’ll hear these interviews played out in full on Rhema, Life FM & Southern Star in the lead up to Media Prayer Day.

Rhema Media is helping to promote Media Prayer Day

We’re proud to announce that Media Prayer Day 2016 has the backing of the good folks at Rhema Media.

In previous years Rhema Media’s various radio, TV, print and online channels¬†have been crucial to the promotion of this event and as the organisers we’re thrilled to have them on board as our key media partners once again.

Listen out for interviews and insights coming up on Rhema, Life FM and Star over the coming weeks.