The following church leaders are happy to support Media Prayer Day.

Archbishop Philip Richardson – Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia
Bishop Patrick Dunn – Catholic Bishop of Auckland
Brent Liebezeit – Christian Churches of New Zealand
Cardinal John Dew – Catholic Archbishop of Wellington
Commissioners Andrew & Yvonne Westrupp – The Salvation Army
Craig Vernall – National Leader of the Baptist Churches of New Zealand
Lloyd Rankin – National Director of the Vineyard Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand
Pastor Adam White – Leader New Life Churches
Pastor Boyd Ratnaraja – National Leader Elim Churches
Pastor Eddie Tupa’i – President of North NZ Conference Seventh-day Adventist Churches
Pastor John Cameron – ARISE Church
Pastor Mike Sikuri – President of South NZ Conference Seventh-day Adventist Churches
Pastor Scott Thornton – Leader of LIFE
Pastor Steve Burgess – Senior Leader for C3 Churches in New Zealand
Prince Devanandan – President of the Methodist Church of New Zealand
Reuben Te Ahuru – Leader of the Christian Brethren Churches of NZ
Rev Tale Hakeagaiki – Chair of the Congregation Union of New Zealand
Rev Andrew Marshall – National Director, Alliance Churches of New Zealand
Rev Dr Richard Waugh – National Superintendent Wesleyan Methodist Church of New Zealand
Rev Mark Whitfield – Bishop of Lutheran Church of New Zealand
Rev Dr Bruce Allder – Local Leader, Church of the Nazarene in New Zealand
The Right Rev Richard Dawson – Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

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