These resources are designed to help churches make the most of Media Prayer Day.


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Make the most of Media Prayer Day

  • In an effort to see ‘the media’ as people, rather than a faceless institution, get interactive with the congregation and brainstorm a list of media roles… then pray for people working in those roles.
  • Interview a Christian who works in media.
  • How would Jesus respond to the top five news items of this weekend’s newspapers?
  • If you worked for a major NZ advertising firm, and you had a million dollar budget, how would you communicate the “Christian message” as an advertising campaign, and what media would you use?
  • Which actors/musicians/TV personalities do you think are the top three influencers of teenagers today? What are their messages? How do you respond to that?
  • How might the Apostles use media if they were in TV/Radio/Film today? What lessons do they teach us about communicating the gospel, that we could employ today?
  • “If it bleeds, it leads” – that’s the mantra of newsrooms. What is it about us that gravitates towards bad news, rather than good news?
  • If Jesus had been born today, would the media celebrate him, or crucify him? Why?
  • Consider the biblical/spiritual themes contained within popular movies (such as Frozen, Star Wars, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Les Misérables, WALL-E, The Lego Movie, The Jungle Book, Inside Out, etc) and talk about the spiritual lessons we can learn from them.
  • If Christians controlled the media, would they allow freedom of speech? And what would be other implications?


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