How to Pray on Media Prayer Day

We encourage you to pray for all people who work in NZ’s media: presenters, writers, editors, directors, journalists, designers, actors, producers, industry executives and the multitude of others who work within NZ’s media.

If you prefer, here’s a suggested prayer:

Our Father in Heaven,

We bring before You in prayer all who work within New Zealand’s media.

We ask for Your blessing on the producers, directors, announcers, presenters, managers, writers, journalists, editors, technicians, web-designers, advertisers, publishers, sponsors and the vast array of others who make up New Zealand’s media.

Your Word instructs us to pray for people in places of responsibility (1 Timothy 2v2). So God, to these media professionals, grant wisdom and discernment. May they be more concerned with character and integrity, than profit alone. Bless them – and their families. May Your will be done in their lives.

Help media decision-makers and content-creators to be sensitive to the needs of our communities and the values our children are exposed to, as they absorb the culture around them. Use their words, pictures and stories to touch hearts and engage people’s minds towards goodness, truth and beauty. May their work bring healing and impart hope.

We pray for those behind the scenes and those in the spotlight; for those who know You, and for those who don’t. We thank You for their talents and technical abilities. As they write, edit, film and broadcast, please use their skills to shine light where there’s darkness, to comfort those who are suffering and bring joy to the lonely.

We pray for a greater openness to Your Spirit. May more and more people in media look to You for wisdom, insight and guidance as they go about their work.

We pray for Christians in both secular and Christian media organisations. May they be encouraged in their exploration of the Gospel story, so that they might embody and creatively communicate Your Way, Truth and Life.

May we, as followers of Christ, always seek to bless, love and serve – rather than criticise. And when we do experience media that is destructive, Lord, help us to maintain a constructive attitude of grace and prayer.

By Your gentle guidance, may the people of our media seek to make New Zealand a better country; replacing division, judgement and blame… with love, empathy and understanding.

By Your grace, we pray for New Zealand’s media to be raised to its highest purpose; to be a vehicle for good, for inspiration and truth, for dignity and courage. Lord, make our media a blessing in this nation.

We pray all this in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ,




You can download this as a PDF on our downloadable resources page.